organic fraud

The name of the website “” is also the name of a foundation established in 2006 by some farmers in Holland that felt competition from a Thai sweetcorn producer. We went to Thailand in november 2005. First we spoke to researchers and professors who thought organic sweetcorn would be hard to produce in their country. Then we visited four companies that had organic products in their list of products, but they could not sell us organic sweetcorn- ears. Then we did find one of the farms of our competitor and found fraud.

Back in Europe we learned that control was so inadequate and so naively based on confidence, that we understood that the existing organisations could never stop fraud if they did not change their habits.

We have created this website to be able to spread our information to all those involved. We hope that those that are responsible will agree with us that there is a problem and that changes should be made.

We will for now not actively seek attention from the media.  This will change if we think that those responsible do not want any changes.


If you would like to visit one of our sweetcorn-fields in the summer of 2007, you are welcome. You will find the fields in the south-western part of Holland. Here is where you can find them:

Oud Beijerland 51.45.13 4.22.58 20
Oude Molen 51.39.02 4.29.26 5
Oude Molen 51.39.18 4.27.46 10
Lage Zwaluwe 51.41.41 4.42.48 7
Lage Zwaluwe 51.41.30 4.42.29 9,5
Anna Jacobapolder 51.38.41 4.09.14 5
Anna Jacobapolder 51.38.33 4.09.14 10,8
Anna Jacobapolder 51.38.25 4.09.12 4
Anna Jacobapolder 51.09.27 4.09.35 3,5
Ossendrecht 51.23.16 4.16.09 6,8
Ossendrecht 51.23.04 4.17.05 14