3. A European in B2.

So then I drove off of B2. Just before the last bend in the road I saw a man that looked European. I had seen him in his pick up an hour before, when he left the farm just as I came in. Already then I had had the impression that this was not a Thai face. But now I could see it better, and decided to stop.
It was a 44 year old Swiss man, married to a Thai wife. Let’s call him Mr. W. They have a 7 year old daughter. Since 2 years they live in Thailand, where life is slower, simpler and more to their liking. He has a normal face, but his teeth are ugly. The man cannot stop talking. After a 20 minute monologue I said: would it be OK if I came to your house at 14.30 hours? Just for an hour. They agreed.
Then I went to the Tourist Resort to eat and make notes. I had a problem: while I had been talking to W, Mr. S had passed us and had seen me talking with W. If I would be able to find proof of fraud, the Competitor company would certainly loose their 2 million Euro turnover (in 2004) and their big hope for the future (according to their internet account on innovation). Some high placed Thai will not be amused. All fingers would point to Mr. S. I am afraid that Mr. S will try to save his future by pointing to the farang W, because he saw W speak to me. And it will not be difficult to find out that the neighbors of W confirm that I have visited his house.
I have nevertheless decided that I would go to W. After all I had already spoken to him on the field. There was probably more than one witness of that. And of course if W would tell me that it was not an organic farm as far as he knew, that would strengthen me in my conviction. The visit to Mr. W took 3,5 long hours. I learned al lot about Thailand, cows, prices of cows etc. etc. A few times I asked for a break, because the man talks and talks without stopping.
I was not taping it, because I had decided that it would not be relevant. But then he started explaining that the food of his father’s times was a lot better than the food nowadays, and that in earlier times people were less sick. all because of this artificial food. Then I had already switched on my recorder and I said: maybe you would prefer to eat organic food. He reacted immediately: did you know that the farm where we met is an organic farm! Really! And I can notice the difference, because when I cut corn or grass from B1, then I have a rash on my arms, but when I cut corn from B2, I have no rash on my arms……… (So this was very interesting to me. I did not ask any questions about Bor what he had seen? Only earlier already I had wondered: why does an organic farm give away his organic matter (from the corn plants), which can help a little humus to form. When we were outside he had told that the shit of the cow was dried and then sold. he did not tell me that B2 was a customer. ) …….and the he told me: B2 does not really want to give me the corn anymore. They want to use it for their land. They cut it in small particles and mix it in the soil.

So Mr. W was not at all the man who told me that B2 was not organic. On the contrary. But the quality of his thinking was not that high and I decided to go on with my investigation. It was still possible that this farm was not organic, even if a (not very well observing) Swiss guy who comes to cut some corn every now and then thinks it is organic. After all I had seen treated seeds in the machine. It was only next morning around 10 o’clock that I knew what I should do next.( so that was this morning.)

So far part 3.