2. Discovering treated seeds

Mr S. my spokesman was a friendly , soft spoken young man, but not really eager to tell me so very much. I said that I came from Europe and was on holiday , and as my father was a farmer I use to spend my holiday looking at farms. I asked him about which products they grew, and how it was going. I pointed at a machine and asked: what is that for. It was a sweetcorn harvesting machine, but since 5 years the sweet corn was grown in Chiang Mai. Now they grew Okra mostly. I had asked him about sugar cane and other plants (I am still not sure about their english name. He said it was Kaitin. Proteine rich, for animal feed.) So I showed a general interest in farming and farms. Then I asked if there were other interesting farms in the neighbourhood. He said: over there we have another farm, and here to the left is a large farm with cows.
Then he said his time was up, and after about 20 minutes I left. ( during thes 20 minutes he had received 3 telephones.) I directly went to the organic farm B 2 again, now even more boldly looking everywhere. After all, I knew that probably all leaders were gone to Pechaburi, and the spokesman S. at B 1 had told me to go to this farm. Now I stopped at the mechanics place. Behind it was a little white house. Maybe someone could speak english and learn me something. But no: nobody of these friendly and laughing mechanics could help me. After maybe 4 minutes one came to me and said: follow me. We went to the water pumps, where about six men were swimming in a whole in the ground. Then I looked into the face of Mr.S. again. He was really surprised. He said: How you come here? I said: You told it to me yourself.

(Of course he had not expected me to go there and find it so quickly and easily, but my statement was true, so he had to accept it. He even decided that if I would wait half an hour, that then he would take time to speak to me. I glady accepted He said: you can wait here and pointed to some benches or chairs near the waterpump. I said: I really would like to have a look at the machines. He said it was OK. I did look at the machines and dictated all I saw in my recorder. Then suddenly I saw red corn seeds in a sowingmachine. That was not as it should be!!. Also I noted that on two grey green machines there was printed/painted with white words: organic farm. After about 15 minutes a car came driving around the corner. I could not see who was inside, but luckily I had my Sony voicerecorder so near to my mouth that he probably had not seen my mouth moving. he stepped out and now he was quite critical: what was my name? Why was I here ? What was my profession? I lightheartedly gave him about the same answers. Now I gave him my real name, and my real country of origin. I forgot which profession I gave him. After some questions about the machines I said I had nothing more to ask. I said: I read there: organic farm. Is this an organic farm? He said: yes. It is very much a pity that I have made a mistake with my recorder. This conversation was not recorded: it was in the pause position when I looked later on to put it out. End of part 2.