5. Leaving the B2 farm.

So I drove of immediately. But I first went to the place where I had been waiting for about half an hour. There I picked up the bag that I had left there. It had all my recent notes, and if I would be caught I certainly would be robbed of it, and it would confirm their suspicion. Now I drove home. There are 2 ways from B. to K. I was taking the more desolated route through the woods. It was a little faster, and if I would take the other route, I would have to pass through the village again, and who knows who would see me.
After about 15 minutes I left the road to call my wife, as she had not called me. I told her that the danger was not so big anymore. The only thing possible was that someone had seen me, someone who had been instructed/warned about this farang on his motorbike that came to the farm every time. And that it would take 10 or 20 minutes before the ‘chase’ was organised. As they could understand that I would drive back to K. ( there are no hotels in B. or any other place around) , they could easily find me (if they were fast enough) before I would disappear in the town full of people and white tourists. Driving from B2 to the place in the woods where I had left my bag I had looked in the mirror all the time. At the moment when a pickup car drove by me I reduced my speed drastically. The chance of an attack was very small, but it was possible.
So I hung up the telephone and left the little side-road after picking up my bag.
The street left and right was empty, except for a dark blue pickup that came up just when I entered the road. He!!! No!!! I thought that Mr. S had a silver pickup. This was a dark blue pickup. The driver looked a lot like Mr. S. …… Is it true ???
My god: he pulls over !! He is going to wait for me!! What to do ??
Thank god he was alone in that truck.
On full speed I drove on.
Mr. S had opened his window and I saw his smile changing to complete unbelieve as I drove by at full speed.
But it was not over yet. Just then we reached the main highway. I had to stop for the red light. I knew that he was coming behind me. I decided to make contact with my wife again. I think I put my Sony recorder on too. Thank god my wife called back immediately. I told her what had happened, and that Mr. S stood 7 meters before me. Waiting for the red light. It took quite a long time. Maybe 70 seconds. All that time he stayed in his car and did not look over his shoulder. And I stayed by the roadside, telephoning. It was good news and bad news: The good news is: If he was after me he would not have smiled and he would not have been alone. The bad news was that now he really would have become suspicious. The good news is that he saw me coming out of a small side road, which must have confirmed my story that I was just looking everywhere at farms. Maybe that is why he laughed. I don’t know. What I know is that this meeting was a very very very big coincidence . Less than 1 in a million. But it happened. This is all I have to say today. Now I go to eat somewhere, and tomorrow I will go to Vita Foods, and then quickly to Bangkok and then: Holland !